Visitors Comments

Visitors Comments

  • What an amazing place you have created! I truly believe many of these children will go out to lead exceptional lives.

    Ms. Erin Betty, USA
  • What an incredible experience to be here and see you changing the world by educating these children. They will lead better lives because of you.

    Ms. Patricia Beu-Zvi, USA
  • What you and your team at Project Mala do is excellent and it gets better by the day. All the best.

    Vinoo Sharma, India
  • What a wonderful video and a marvellous project! Congratulations on your work.

    Sue Anker
  • It is encouraging to learn of the success rate at your Turkahan pre-school for girls. The induction process in the film is excellent to nurture an interest in the girls towards education. We are glad that more is being done to encourage education of girls and that you have now been able to open a third pre-school at Hasra. We wish you the very best.

    Kind regards Donald Mascarenhas
  • We will take the news of your excellent work back home.

    Brian and F Sneldon, United Kingdom.
  • Great Program & job. Good Luck!

    Ms. Wendy Blanpied, USA.
  • It is very good to see the progress.

    Mr V R Sharma, Obeetee Private Ltd., India.
  • Congratulations!

    Mr. Graham Head, ABC Carpets, USA
  • Congratulations for the excellent work done, keep it up.

    Mr. Vijay Ananthakrishnan, India
  • The visit to the school has been a wonderful experience. All the best for the future and the continued good work.

    Elaine Ray Albuecouergly, USA
  • It was a delight to see the school. The people behind the project deserve all the appreciation for their effort. They deserve all the support and help.

    Prof. S N Upadhayay, Director, Institute Of Technology, Banaras Hindu University, India.