Sponsor Comments

  • Thank you for the newsletter. I always wait for the next newsletter :)

    Its sad to see the intense competition students have to go through to secure their place in the next higher class at this age.

    But I am also happy at the same time that students are very determined and hard working to pursue their education and having supportive family and encouraging schools like yours is a blessing!

    I am huge fan of the Project Mala efforts!

    Guru (July 2021)
  • Thanking you for the emails that have been sent by you through the years and i am always pleased to read them. You all, including the teaching staff, have been doing a great work.

    Kashyap (July 2021)
  • Thank you so much for the latest newsletter, which is so heartwarming and inspirational. The determination of the three students to join the Project Mala schools is just phenomenal and shows that in spite of acute poverty and other obstacles, success can be achieved. I have no doubt that these students (along with other Project Mala students) will achieve further success as they go forward with their studies.

    A lot of credit for this, of course, goes to Project Mala staff both here in the UK and in India. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and deserve greater media publicity.

    Kind regards
    Yours truly

    Raghu (July 2021)
  • What wonderful stories those are, not only of the determination of the individual but also the support of families recognizing all that Project Mala provides. It is so good to see that the children have these kinds of bonds with the teachers and other students. A great credit to all the work done by your education team.

    Neville (July 2021)
  • I would like to express my appreciation for the clear and informative files that you sent to me. The feedback on the students who left after completing secondary school was very pleasing as the ex-students are making the most of the platform that Mala has given them to become useful members of society.

    Mohan (July 2021)
  • What a wonderful video and a marvellous project! Congratulations on your work.

    Sue Anker
  • It is encouraging to learn of the success rate at your Turkahan pre-school for girls. The induction process in the film is excellent to nurture an interest in the girls towards education. We are glad that more is being done to encourage education of girls and that you have now been able to open a third pre-school at Hasra. We wish you the very best.

    Donald Mascarenhas
  • It means a lot to see how well. you spend the money you raise. As a sponsor seeing the kids grow up and also how well they are doing at school is an absolute pleasure. Thank you for all the effort you and your colleagues put in. I know that every penny I am able to offer you is towards a wonderful cause.

    Sean Connolly
  • Your annual report and the accounts thereof made very satisfactory reading. I am glad to have been associated with PM from the start, and it makes me very happy to see how very well the Charity is being managed and the children are therefore benefiting from this. My congratulation to you and your colleagues who have made this happen.

    Edward R Oakley, India Obeetee Pvt Ltd
  • Very many thanks for this wonderful and heartwarming mail. I have nothing but admiration and praise for these children who attend school regularly besides helping out at their homes after school hours. It shows their love and commitment for education and the desire to better themselves. It goes without saying that Project Mala deserve and merit enormous credit and admiration for their work in helping these children. I am so pleased that I have been able to help in a small way towards making this project even more successful.

    Raghu Poduval
  • It is always a pleasure reading the news from Project Mala. The difference which PM makes for the poor children in the villages of the carpet belt in Mirzapur is huge and all for the great good of them and the people of this area.

    Edward R Oakley,India
  • You are doing wonderful work. Continued best wishes for the future.

    John Griffiths
  • Thank you for the updates on the children who have attended Project Mala schools. I appreciate reading how the children, now adults, are doing and it encourages me in these difficult economic times. It reminds me to make sure I 'do more with less' in order to support these children who live with extreme poverty. It's a very good reminder that when we think we are struggling, we really are not compared to others in the world. It helps me count my blessings.

    Maxine Morley-Trapnell
  • I love these stories. Thank you for sending them. I recognize the courage and determination of these young people, to help their families and to better their own lives. I am so pleased with the work Mala Schools are doing. God Bless You All.

    Eileen Bell
  • many thanks for the Project Mala News forwarded to me on 6th january,2014. The story of Raju and Vandana is very interesting and I am sure that there are hundreds of such sories of our students. This could be possible only with your endless effort and dedication.

    K.K.Saha, India
  • I've just received the latest Project Mala newsletter which, as always, makes very interesting reading. It really is amazing to read of the achievements of these children who come from such impoverished backgrounds and is a real testament to the work of the project. One of the things which always amazed me when I was working in India recruiting students to study at my university was the fantastic work ethic they had and the huge well of untapped talent within that great country.

    Sheila Jackson
  • Thank you for the recent newsletter - I think the new pre schools for girls is an excellent idea. I feel strongly about getting the right balance between progressing the boys and girls. Without a strong generation of educated and empowered girls i think it is hard for a country to develop well. I am pleased to be donating to a charity that recognises such importance. All the best with your hard work!

    Liz Ward
  • Really fantastic achievement. Well done, you also make all us sponsors feel that we really make a difference. All the best.

    Peter Godden
  • Thank you very much for this latest newsletter which I found most interesting and informative. I am so pleased that a third pre-school for girls has been started and I very much hope that more pre-schools will come up in the very near future. I must add that that I have the greatest admiration and respect for those teachers at Hasra and Mujehra who are implementing this project.

    Raghu Poduval
  • A very uplifting visit. I am delighted that such good work is being done. Some friends in the UK will be very interested to hear of your work and children’ progress. (Visited her sponsored children in Project Mala)

    Ms Angela Senior, United Kingdom
  • We will take the news of your excellent work back home.

    Brian and F Sneldon, United Kingdom
  • Well done. A very caring and well organised school. All the children look happy.

    Mr. Ken Garland, United Kingdom
  • ...It is pleasure to support your charity. It seems to be, by far, the most well organised and run charity of its kind in India. I can imagine how difficult it is to setup and run a charity well in India, especially while based in England. Your success in doing this indicates to me your exceptional organisational and managerial abilities. I hope that your model will eventually be replicated all over India. ...I went to a primary school that was run by Catholic nuns and to a secondary school run by Jesuit priests. They were the best schools in Bombay at the time, and probably still are, and they too maintained strict discipline. However, unlike the Project Mala Schools, they did not provide meals, health care, etc. which are so eential for the poor children who attend your schools. I really admire what you have accomplished in India...

    Mr. Mohan Varma, England
  • A beautiful school with very well kept grounds and excellent opportunities for vocational and practical work. Thank you for welcoming me here.

    Mr. Patrick Scott, United Kingdom
  • ...Thank you for taking time out from your busy Christmas schedule to send me the email. I like receiving your emails that give me more information about the children that I sponsor. I doubt if any other charity in India would have this personal touch - they are more likely to send a letter from a template, if at all...I do look log in, soon after sponsoring each child, and then occasionally there after. This facility for donors is one of the many reasons that makes your charity outstanding...

    Mr. Mohan Verma, England
  • I am delighted that Radhey has completed his primary stage schooling, wished to continue in secondary school. If you can, Please congratulate him for what he has achieved, wish him well in the future.

    Mrs.McGrouther, United Kingdom
  • I have just received the newsletter and report card for my sponsored child. It's great to get something positive in these doom and gloom times. I find the work your organisation is doing very inspiring and am glad to be connected with it. keep up the good work.

    Ms. Helen Keatings, England
  • I just wanted to say thank you to the team that produces and send 'Mala News' and student performance reports. We enjoyed reading them and it's fantastic to hear that you're going from strength to strength.

    Ms. Shivani Smith, England
  • I would be thrilled to sponsor Chandana Devi. I am really grateful for the information that you have sent me, I read all the Newsletters on the website and I am really impressed with the work you do. I am thrilled to support Project Mala.

    Ms. Emer Maguire, England
  • Many thanks for such an excellent website facility

    Peter Jarman, England
  • The day we spent with you was very special and will remain in our hearts for many years to come. To see so many happy faces eager to learn and benefiting both mentally and physically from the opportunities created by your charity was a delight. We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit the school, as it was really the only free time we had in India. When Jon started this sponsorship he never expected to have such an opportunity, understanding and seeing how the children benefit makes it all the more special...

    Ms. Celia Davies and Mr. Jonathan Waters, England
  • Thank you for the email. I am happy to sponsor 2 children. I am so impressed on how well you put the money to such good use. Good luck with your fundraising. I am truly touched by all the hard work you put in.

    Sean, England
  • A very impressive school-enthusiastic and happy staff and teachers. Congratulations to all at Project Mala and best wishes for the next phase!

    Nicholas Hopton, England
  • Excellent!! I really enjoyed meeting the children and answering their questions!

    Edwa Crosby, England
  • We've had a good look around the website and are much impressed with the improvements.

    Mrs. Valetta Griffith, England