Mission Report
(precis translation from French)


Name of Staff:  Cecile Krug                                         Date of Mission: 7 – 12 March 2006

Objectives of the mission - To evaluate on the ground the work completed since 2004 by the organisation “Project Mala Schools” in order to return an account to the givers of the evolution of the project and to carry out an illustrated report of the schools and children profiting from the project in order to organize in Germany a possible collection campaign of funds for the financial support of new activities. 

Results - New Delhi, India
Friday March 10: Day - Visited the two schools supported by the programme “children in need”: Patehera and Amohi.  Met with the children and the teachers.  Discussion with the person in charge and the Chairman of the organisation on the creation of a mobile medical unit which could look after the children regularly and prevent certain infections spreading in the schools.  Afternoon: visited Hasra school.  Met with the children and the teachers.  Visited governmental and/or private schools.  Discussions with the directors.

The programme, Children in Need, financially supports the organisation “Project Mala Schools” which, for almost twenty years, is established in India and has built six schools which accommodates, provides education for, nourishes and looks after some 1,000 children (girls and boys) selected in the poorest villages of the district of Mirzapur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Each day, 1,000 children go from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm to one of the schools of the project and follow a three year primary school course which is usually carried out in five years. The programme, which is supporting the organisation until December 2006 (total amount of £46,923 distributed in six phases of approximately £7,820 each), selected this draft agreement with the Foundation for UNESCO for the education of the children in need, in order to find new givers to extend the support in 2007. 

Recommendations - This mission of evaluation was extremely positive and the work undertaken by the organisation is really of great quality.  Contrary to the governmental schools in the neighbourhoods, which are in a deplorable state (lack of space, framing, school stationery, no tables, no chairs, etc), the Project Mala schools deal with the children of A to Z until the supply of two uniforms per annum and shoes.  The hundreds of children who, each day, go in one of the schools of the project can really read and write in nearly six months.  They are neat, follow-ups in progress individuals when their level is insufficient, are nourished twice a day and also follow a vocational training in seam.  With the exit of this mission, the organisation must send a new project quantified concerning the creation of the mobile medical unit mentioned above as well as the creation of additional classes making it possible to the children at the primary education end of the course to start the secondary with the centres of the same school.           


Signature of Staff: Cécile Krug


Date: March 27, 2006