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Item Name Cost/Unit Description Units Subtotal
9 One-off Donation £1 All your donation will go to India to educate children in the rural area around the Holy city of Varanasi £0
4 School Bag £5 These school bags are made locally and we issue one of these to each child when they join us. £0
5 Sweater £5 Surprisingly it can get cold in Dec / Jan in India so we issue a new sweater to each child each year. £0
6 Uniform £10 All the Uniforms are made in our schools. We buy in the materials and pay a piecework rate to local tailors to come and sew them. £0
1 Awards £15 We encourage the children by giving small prizes for meritorious work or good attendance £0
7 Solar Lamps £25 Solar Lamps (See video of a Project Mala Student having no electricity at home and using the Solar Lamp in place of the kerosene £0
2 School Benches £60 For the first 15 years all children sat on rugs on the floor. These rugs got wet and smelly in the Monsoon period. We are now moving towards these type of benches which are locally made. £0
3 Computers £350 In our Middle and Secondary Schools we are moving into more sciences. Computers are one of our most wanted items £0
Grand Total £0

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